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I am a filmmaker living in New York City.  Shooting and editing movies has been my passion since I was 12 years old.  I studied film at the University of Kansas, where I made a feature length documentary, Fall From Grace, which went on to premiere at the South by Southwest film festival and was later sold to Showtime and Netflix.

Since moving to New York, I worked as a video producer for Newsweek, making short documentaries for the magazine’s web site.  I am now freelancing for numerous magazines and newspapers while working on my next feature-length film project.

I am also proud to be involved with the great work of an organization called FilmAid International, an NGO that brings the power of film to refugees and people living in impoverished regions of the world.  Recently, I spent 6 weeks in Kenya, teaching a group of refugees in Dadaab how to make short films to tell their stories and to spread life-saving information to the more than 500,000 people living in the refugee camp.

Please browse the links at the top of the page to see various samples of my work. Videos marked with a * represent projects that went viral.

Shape your Beard like a Pro with These Simple Steps

In as much as we want to grow our beards perfectly within its bounds, sadly there is no such thing. And there is no singular rule on how one should shape his beard. In the same way that you mind the hair above your hair for that flattering style, your whiskers also needs to be manicured instead of just letting it grow untamed. You need to know where to trim your beard neckline, how to maintain the perfect length, and how to be a bit inventive in order to land on the style that works for you.


Read on for the best beard trimming kit and shaping tips so you can get the style that will flatter you the most and when you do, you must learn to master that so your beard will always look on point.

Start with a Larger Setting, and Work Backwards

The key to maintaining a good beard is by having an essential beard and mutache trimmer and knowing its key tenets. Since too-short beard can’t be undo, you must start with a longer guard and start by trimming it to large. Acquainting yourself with the most flattering length might take a trim or two but if you gradually trim it off until you hit the soft spot, then it is going to be a lot easier.

Keep on Trimming It, Even as It Grows

Trimming your hair as it grows may seem weird but the reason for this is because the ends get frayed and scratchy, and it also helps coach the thing into its stylized place.

Mind the Boarders

Knowing where to draw your beard boundaries is also important as it will come down to your preference and style. You can use a trimmer set on its lowest setting or you can use a blade to achieve the style you want. But the precision of the trimmer will make it easier for you to detail the boarders of your beard. Just take note of the main areas of concern which are the neckline and cheek lines. (more…)